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  • Why should I become a partner?

    Being successful in real estate investing and development is a challenging endeavor. It not only requires a considerate amount of money, time and resources to be successful but it requires the mindset and motivation to persevere when things get tough. While most investors/developers don’t know it yet, the answer to most investors problems are real estate partnerships.

  • What are the qualifications to become a partner?

    Some people have the expectation that buying investment property is their ticket to overnight wealth and that is so far from the truth. Before we decide to partner with anyone, we make sure that they have the same fundamental objectives for their real estate investing as we do. When we buy real estate, we buy properties that we plan to hold and manage, and that will have positive cash flow within 12 months of purchasing them. As long as our partner has a similar mindset, and is comfortable investing their money for the long term, then we can explore a partnership.

  • How does partnership work?

    Investing in real estate requires a considerable amount of time and energy to be successful. Like any investment, it also comes with a certain amount of risk. Forming a partnership, however, can easily help alleviate the degree of responsibility associated with investing in real estate, while also splitting the amount of risk involved. In essence, a partnership will allow investors to share both the risks and rewards associated with real estate investment.

    There are many different ways that partnerships can work, but nothing can derail a partnership quicker than unrealistic expectations or uneven work allocation. It is important to know and understand who is responsible for what. This allows for transparency and accountability between investors, as each partner understands what is needed from each other in order to succeed.

    Partners can choose to structure their partnership in a way that achieves the appropriate risk-adjusted return for each investment and monetary contribution. In some cases, a partner can assist in finding new sources for financing and working capital. He or she may have a slew of contacts in regards to lenders, whether private or hard money, which is never a bad thing to have by your side.

  • How do I get started?

    If you are an investor or real estate developer who is interested in partnering with Bhegani Enterprises, Inc. please contact us at info@bheganienterprises.com, or go to our “Contact Us” page.