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Mission Statement

BE’s mission is to create a portfolio of essential real estate properties that create positive return on investment and socioeconomic impact on the urban and rural communities they serve. 

Who we are

Bhegani Enterprises (BE) is a growing, privately managed and diversified real estate firm that specializes in the acquisition and development of essential commercial real estate with a geographic focus on under-resourced communities (urban or rural) and opportunity zones. 

Bhegani Enterprises focuses on acquiring, owning, developing and managing residential, multifamily, small office, commercial and land properties throughout our focus areas. With a long-term view and a focus on preservation, we bring an unwavering commitment to quality and a collaborative process to each project. Our values of conscientiousness, context, and craftsmanship extend to the selection of partners who embody these ideals. We collaborate with thought leaders in the design, construction, and planning communities in order to create projects that are positioned for long term financial success and community benefit.

Strategies & Plans

As developers we buy, enhance, and hold properties that are positioned for long-term growth. We invest with a future focus and an acute understanding of the changing preferences of today’s markets.. We source opportunities in evolving markets that are positioned to outgrow their peers through lasting demand fundamentals. Our intense focus on execution is crucial to the context, sustainability, aesthetics, and project economics.

We provide investors an opportunities that generate positive investment returns, economic development and community impact. 

Business Presentation

"Thank you Bhegani Enterprises! I would have never purchased my first income property without your guidance and support. I truly appreciate your help! I’ll be back to work with you."

“With their local market expertise, Bhegani Enterprises helped me identify an investment opportunity which has been performing in the double percent range. BE also referred me to some of the best lenders, insurance companies, and other third party services to help close my deal. BE Principals have such a giving nature and loves to see their mentees thrive.”

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